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We are commited to deliver a great product and make our customers happy.
Please come and enjoy with us the "Chic" world. Simple but classy accessories that will not pass unnoticed, not only will they keep you warm, but will complete your outfit with their variety of shapes and amazing colors along with countless of nuances. To be elegant and dress with flair not much is needed, the detail and how you wear it make the difference! The collection contains classic basic style, as well as funny and original pieces. We do not want to wear what everybody else does, isn't it? If you think that way you are in the right place.

It is almost 7 years now that I moved from Milano to Miami and I always thought it was time for me to do something on my own. I was challanged to live interesting professional experiences that allow me to enter the business world and explore my passion. Since my free spirit was preventing me to feel totally satisfied. I felt the need to be in power of my life, of my time and to start working using my instict and creativity.

I love cashmere! I always have! I thought this was an opportunity to offer to friends and customers a touch of my country, unique Italian Style and fashion designs created with precious and delicate fabrics whose shape is given by an Italian, artistic creativity and touch. I thought I could pass over and share my passion with you. Once you wear EverChic products you never want to take them off!

We work with worldwide manufacturers involved in the cashmere business production for over 100 years and distribute a wide range of unique, high end quality and fabulous products created for the most popular and inspiring worldwide fashion designers.

EverChic is also the result of a great team work behind the scenes that made this new business happen.
Dianne Sacchetti, graphic designer, great artist and painter www.diannesacchetti.com and Cecilia Silva graphic and web designer www.csilvadesign.com. Their professionalism and support are an important contribution to my new adventure.


Enjoy the unique Italian Design, precious fabric and light weight Cashmere, soft shapes all gathered in our high quality standard.
We offer a wide selection of Cashmere products. They vary from light weight items to be worn all seasons like shawls and Pashminas to heavier weight accessories and pieces for winter time such as 100% Cashmere wraps, 100% Cashmere gloves and 100% Cashmere hats. The fiber obtained from the Cashmere goat is adaptable for light and heavy weight manufacture and the word Cashmere comes from the old word of the country of Kashmir. It is known to be a soft fiber that fits to deliver a winding and wrapping effect.


Pashmina refers to the softest and precious fabric made from Cashmere and it is made from the finest wool in the whole world. Our authentic Pashminas come from Nepal and each Pashmina is handcrafted on ancient loom and dyed in copper pots under wood burning fires.  Our Pashminas are available in two different sizes and three different qualities:

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Color Charts

Please see our variety of colors listed in the color charts. Cashmere products and Pashminas have a different color chart. Every single item has a different stock and its availability is listed by every items. The stock may vary, if you are interested in a product or a color that appears to be out of stock please contact us or send us an e-mail. The product may become available from 7 to 14 days. We will notify you of the accurate delivery date. You can contact us as 305-632-0811 or e-mail at customerservice@everchic.com

While every effort is taken to ensure the color reproduction of our website is as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee a 100% color match.

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Domestic Shipping and Handling

Domestic Shipping via USPS Priority Mail: 2-5 business days

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Returns and Exchange Policy

Thank you for shopping at EverChic. We ask you please to shop cautiously. We regret we are unable to accept returns or to exchange products unless you receive an incorrect item in terms of color or size. If that is the case, we will be more than happy to exchange it with your original request. Goods must be returned within 14 working days from invoice date. All items must be returned unused and in a saleable condition with proof of purchase.

Please contact us at 305-632-0811 or e-mail at customerservice@everchic.com

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Corporate Gifts

We are happy to accommodate any request with a minimum of 12 pieces per color, any size or design with no additional charge. Consultations are free of charge.
We also ship overseas. Our shipping partner is Worldnet International.
Feel free to contact us at: 305-632-0811 or e-mail at customerservice@everchic.com

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Our cause

EverChic is happy to support Dominica Orphanage located in La Urena, Santo Domingo.
Please see here the link below to Dominica Website. It is a very nice and simple website that really caught my attention while I was searching a foundation to support with my new business.
It’s worth the reading this orphanage’s history and the course of life that brought all these people together.
I do not know anyone in person for the moment, it’s been just a feeling that I had while I was reading the amazing things that have been done , the amazing developing projects and the dreams that these people are carrying along to make these children lives better, fulfilled with love, hope and joy.
I have the intention to visit Dominica Orphanage and offer a little help with my contribution.
I look forward in coming back and write my personal impressions and feelings of what my eyes could witness. We have decided to donate 10% of our profit to this good cause.
I encourage anyone of you to spend few minutes and take this “virtual” journey to Santo Domingo.

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